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Meet Dr. Silverman

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Dr. Robyn Silverman is an award-winning child and body image expert who is especially interested in appearance discrimination, body esteem and development. Dr. Silverman has been a featured expert on "TODAY," "Good Morning America," "The Early Show," "Anderson and "Fox News;" she has also been quoted in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Prevention and SELF.

After securing her Ph.D. at Tufts University, Dr. Silverman's research on young women led her to publish her well-received book, "Good Girls Don't Get Fat: How Weight Obsessions is Messing Up Our Girls & How We Can Help Them Thrive Despite It." In addition, she contributed articles about body image for the "Applied Developmental Science Encyclopedia," a handbook for psychologists.

Beyond Dr. Silverman's appearances and contributions to the media, she is the founder of the "Sassy Sisterhood Girls Circle," a program for young girls that explore issues that affect body esteem and self-image by fostering self-awareness, challenging stereotypes and enabling genuine self-expression through verbal sharing and creative activity.

Dr. Silverman is excited about the opportunity to work with Mederma® and use her expertise to help more men and women wear their skin proudly.

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