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Skin Imperfections and Their Effect on Self Confidence

Dr. Hilary Baldwin

As a dermatologist, I see patients every day who come to me for help with their skin imperfections. Scars and stretch marks in particular are among the most common skin imperfections, and they can sometimes be embarrassing for people who have them.

I could give you many examples from my experience with patients, but the results of a recent nationally representative survey may do a better job of explaining the emotional burden of skin imperfections. The Wear Your Skin ProudlyTM survey, conducted by Mederma® to understand the impact of skin imperfections like scars and stretch marks on self-confidence, revealed that 42% of women feel their self-confidence would improve if they could reduce the appearance of their skin imperfections. Almost half of women reported negative feelings about their stretch marks and 1 in 4 said stretch marks made them feel less sexy. If you identify with these women, keep reading! I’ve included tips below that may help you feel more confident in your skin.

“42% of women feel their self-confidence would improve if they could reduce the appearance of their skin imperfections.”

If you have a scar on your face, a good concealer can work wonders. You may also opt to use a bronzer or powder to even out your complexion. Look for concealers at your local drug store, or visit the beauty counter at your local department store and ask for a demonstration on how they should be applied.

There are also some lifestyle changes that can help lessen your chance of developing stretch marks and scars. Gaining weight too quickly is one of the most common causes of stretch marks, so try to avoid excessive weight gain with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Exercise also releases endorphins, which trigger a positive response in the body and lead to a big boost in overall self-esteem. It is great way to immediately feel better emotionally and physically, regardless of the cause of your self-consciousness.

If you already have stretch marks, you can use a product like Mederma® Stretch Marks Therapy to help reduce their appearance.

You can also improve the softness, texture and appearance of any bothersome scars you may have by using a product like Mederma® Advanced Scar Gel. To reduce the risk of future scars, be sure you keep wounds clean and covered at all times, and avoid agitating the healing process by scratching or picking at wounds.

If your scars or stretch marks are very pronounced or thick, you may want to also discuss alternative options with your dermatologist. There are several different laser treatments available as out-patient procedures that can be used to resurface skin. Laser treatments can be more expensive than topical therapies so you may wish to explore your options before considering them.

Sometimes it can be hard to accept new scars and stretch marks as permanent fixtures on your body, but with proper care they may not have to be. If you feel self-conscious about your scars or stretch marks, try one of the tips I’ve listed here or speak to your dermatologist to learn more about your options.

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