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Mederma® AG Facial Toner


Mederma® AG Facial Toner provides a deep cleaning beyond the surface of the skin to help clear and cleanse clogged pores. It frees skin of excess oil, dirt, and makeup. And, with continued use, your skin will have a smooth texture and healthy complexion. Mederma® AG Facial Toner also contains eucalyptus oil for a cooling, tingling effect.

All Mederma® AG products provide the exfoliating benefits of glycolic acid in a gentle, pH-balanced cleansing and moisturizing system for the entire body.
This Advanced Dry Skin Therapy line from Mederma® is:

• Hypoallergenic
• Free of added perfumes and fragrances
• Soap-free (resulting in minimum irritation)
• Non-comedogenic
• Dermatologist recommended


Twist to unlock top. Place cotton ball on top and press down to dispense. Apply Mederma® AG Facial Toner with a cotton ball to cleanse all oily areas. Initially, apply once daily. If no irritation occurs, application can be increased to twice daily. Do not exceed two applications daily unless directed by a physician.

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