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Mederma® Spezial Hair Capsules Capsules contain a unique combination of vitamins, nutrients, extracts and other ingredients to help promote strong, thick hair
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Mederma® Spezial Hair Capsules


Mederma® Spezial Hair Capsules are nutritional supplements that have been specially designed to support the growth of thick, strong hair. The capsules contain a unique combination of ingredients that provide the building blocks for growth, while nourishing your hair with the vitamins and minerTake two Mederma® Spezial Hair Capsules per day. Swallow whole with water.als it needs to be thick and strong.

Ingredients include:

L-cystine, vitamin B6, zinc, and biotin for healthy hair
Copper for maintaining the pigment of your hair

About Mederma® Spezial

Your skin may be constantly renewing and rejuvenating itself, but to continue to do so successfully, your body may need a helping hand. That’s where Mederma® Spezial Skin products come in, supplying your skin with everything it needs to stay healthy and younger-looking inside (Mederma® Spezial Skin, Nail, and Hair Capsules) and out (Mederma® Spezial Cream Mousse Collagen and Cream Mousse Hyaluron).


Take two Mederma® Spezial Hair Capsules per day. Swallow whole with water.

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