Mederma® Cold Sore Discreet Healing Patch

Cold Sore Patch 15 ct

  • Cold Sores

Mederma Cold Sore Patches not only cover up cold sores, they help them to heal. Hydrocolloid gel technology creates a moist environment that can help reduce scab formation to heal cold sores faster.

• Fast Healing
• Protective Barrier
• Stays in Place
• Discreet

  • Discreet
  • Fast Healing
    Fast Healing
  • Protective Barrier
    Protective Barrier
  • Stays in Place
    Stays in Place

The Mederma® Cold Sore Discreet Healing patch contains hydrocolloid active gel technology for fast healing and a reduction in scabbing. The patch starts to work from the very first sign and continues throughout all stages.

The patch’s discreet design helps to protect and cover up the cold sore, avoiding social embarrassment.

Mederma® Cold Sore Discreet Healing Patch also creates a shield to help reduce the risk of contamination.

  • FAST HEALING: The ultra-thin hydrocolloid gel in the Mederma Cold Sore Patch provides a moist environment to help reduce scab formation and heal cold sores fast
  • PROTECTIVE BARRIER: The Mederma® Cold Sore Patch provides a barrier that protects against contamination if touching the cold sore
  • STAYS IN PLACE: The Mederma® Cold Sore Patch stays in place and provides continuous protection for up to 12 hours thanks to the adhesive, tapered edges that flex with movement
  • DISCREET: The discreet, translucent design of the Mederma® Cold Sore Patch ensures that not only is the cold sore protected from contamination, but it also means you can apply the patch and go without embarrassment
  • For external use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.
How to use

How to use

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How long does it take for the cold sore to heal?

Cold Sores generally heal in 7 – 12 days. In a clinical study, 65% of patients using the MEDERMA® Cold Sore Patch said their cold sore healed faster than it did with their usual cold sore treatment. Always consult a doctor or pharmacist if the sore does not heal or if it appears to get worse.

Are cold sores contagious?

Yes. During an outbreak, the HSV-1 is present, and can be easily transferred from one person to another through kissing or sharing a drink. Mederma® Cold Sore Patch will seal around the cold sore and helps prevent the virus from spreading while healing and touching the affected area. Thereby greatly reducing contamination.

Does the MEDERMA cold sore patch reduce the likelihood of spreading the Herpes virus?

Yes. Touching is the most common source of cross-contamination and the MEDERMA® Cold Sore Patch seals and covers the wound completely preventing the wearer from touching it.

How does a MEDERMA cold sore patch works?

The Hydrocolloid-075 technology is an active gel that acts like a second skin. It seals your cold sore to accelerate your body’s natural healing mechanism. For best results start using when you first feel a tingle and continue using a patch day and night throughout the outbreak until the lesion is fully healed.

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